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Rent a Bar Atlanta- Portable Bars for Parties
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port-a-cool  power-breezer power breezer coolest breezer atlanta georgia atlanta cool zone 

Need to rent a great bar for your outdoor or indoor event?


Our Professional Bars have been used and loved by pro and novice bartenders nationwide for over 15 years! It's one piece construction, durable casters and features make it the best bar rental product for just $100 per day. No assembly needed so their is nothing that can become unstable. Don't get cheap with your bar rental ... You'll hate the lesser priced bars and so will a professional bartender. WE DELIVER for Free in the Metro area!


We are the only Bar Rental Company that has a Bar Essentials package to run a Professional Bar for just $25 more. (see what is included below)

With Rent a Bar Atlanta, there is nothing more you need to buy to run the bar Professionally.

 port-a-cool  power-breezer power breezer coolest breezer atlanta georgia atlanta cool zone

Rent by the Day.  Rent by the Weekend.  Rent by the Backyard Party!  Let’s get the Party Started!


webassets/Bar1.jpg webassets/Bar2.jpg 


port-a-cool  power-breezer power breezer coolest breezer atlanta georgia atlanta cool zone

Include a Iced Condiment Cooler to keep your fruit, olives, celery etc cold by adding the Bar Essentials Package. It contains everything you need to run a professional bar for just $25 more. See details below.



BAR Details:


Drink Preparation Area

Big 60 Pound Ice Bin 

Room for 5+ Bottles in Speed Rack plus lts of storage underneath 

Under Counter Glass Storage


INCLUDE these Bar Essentials for just $25 extra!


Iced Condiment Caddy to keep Fruit etc Cold Included  

2 Plastic Counter Top Cutting Boards Included

2 Knives Included
Bottle Opener Included
1 Jigger Included
1 Ice Strainer Included

1 Drink Mat Included

6 Speed Pourers Included

Napkin/Stir Stick Caddy Included 


Optional Items:


A MUST HAVE... BIG Wine Chiller - Insulated 36 Quart Size $25- We have 4 of these

High Top Tables & Stools-Call for price

(2) 120 and 150 Quart Igloo Coolers


Call and ask what else we have to make your event successful 


webassets/WineChiller.jpg  webassets/baressentials.jpg 
webassets/wesleyan.jpg  webassets/Best2.jpg

Power Breezer Environmental Cooling Systems are highly engineered, energy efficient cooling units designed to cool uncovered or partially covered spaces. The Power Breezer uses no chemicals. Through a patent pending process incorporating water atomization, it cools over 3,000sf and can lower the ambient temperature by as much as 27 degrees without getting equipment, weaponry or users wet. Buy a power-breezer buy a power breezer rent a Power Breezer Outdoor Air Cooling Atlanta Georgia North Carolina South Carolina Florida Tennessee Alabama Concerts Weddings tent coolers The Breezer coolest breezer 


Call Jeff at 770-317-5210 for available dates- They Go Fast!



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